This article provides details about cancelling your LawTap subscription, including the recommended steps prior to cancellation and the procedure for cancellation.

Before you cancel

Our main focus at LawTap is to support all law firms—from single practitioners to firms with thousands of lawyers. We are committed to innovation and we add new features and integrations (at no additional cost) on a regular basis,

If we have not lived up to our challenge in any way, please let use know and give us the opportunity to remedy the situation.

Before you decide to cancel your LawTap subscription, we encourage you to contact us so that we can fully understand your firm's circumstances, review your firm's LawTap use and make sure that you're getting the maximum benefit from your LawTap subscription. This type of review often benefits everyone in unforeseen ways: we may enhance a feature to include your unique circumstance, while you may discover a better way to perform a task or satisfy a requirement.

If your firm is experiencing temporary cash flow issues or other financial hardship, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest opportunity so that we can find a way to best support your firm.

If we're unable to persuade you to contact us before giving notice to cancel your subscription, we remain ready to support your firm in the future if you wish to, among other things, re-activate online appointment booking for your clients.

Cancellation of subscriptions purchased directly from LawTap

If you purchased your subscription directly from LawTap, please see the LawTap Subscription Agreement for Lawyers, Law Firms and Other Subscribers, which is part of the LawTap Terms of Use that governs LawTap subscriptions.

LawTap subscriptions auto-renew either monthly (for Pay Monthly subscriptions) or yearly (for Pay Yearly subscriptions) until your subscription is cancelled. The required notice period for cancellation is a 45 days.

In accordance with the above-mentioned LawTap Terms of Use, you may cancel the auto-renewal of your LawTap subscription by providing not less than 45 days' written notice to before the end of your then-current subscription term.

Fees already paid will not be refunded, except where required by law.

If you purchased your subscription from LEAP, please contact your LEAP Client Success/Account Manager regarding cancellation.

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