Lawyers and law firms can add a Facebook Book Now button to their Facebook business pages. This allows clients to access LawTap appointment booking functionality directly from Facebook. LawTap automatically generates the booking links for each lawyer and their law firm.

In this article we cover how to add a booking button to a Facebook business page.

Accessing your email booking button on LawTap

To access your booking links for Facebook:

  1. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  2. In Facebook Page Appointments, copy the links to your lawyer and/or law firm profile.

Adding your booking button to Facebook

To add your LawTap booking button to Facebook:

  1. Sign in to Facebook

  2. Open your Facebook business page.

  3. Select + Add a Button below the header on the right.

  4. Select Book Now.

  5. Select Link to website.

  6. Paste either of the links that you copied in the previous section and select Save.

Use the Preview as Visitor action to view and test the Book Now button.

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