You can add a LawTap booking widget to any website. The widget allows clients to book LawTap appointments directly on your website. The entire booking process takes place on your site.

LawTap provides the widget code for your lawyer profile and your law firm profile.

In this article we cover how to add a booking widget to a website and use WordPress to demonstrate.

You can adapt these instructions for any website content management system or other website software. All you need is access to the HTML source code.

Accessing your widget code on LawTap

LawTap automatically generates the HTML widget code for your lawyer profile and law firm profile. The code is available in the Integrations area.

To access your widget code:

  1. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  2. In LawTap Booking Widget, select either:
    - Add Booking Widget for <Lawyer Name>.
    - Add Booking Widget for <Law Firm Name>.

  3. Select Copy to Clipboard.

LawTap - Integrations - Booking widget code

Adding your booking widget to your website

The booking widget code is in HTML In simple terms, it imports a JavaScript file that adds in an iFrame and defines a few parameter, like your details and the widget size and colour.

See Customising your booking widget below for instructions how to modify certain aspects of the widget.

The instructions below demonstrate the procedure in WordPress (version 5.5.1), but you should be able to adapt them for most website software applications.

To add your booking widget to WordPress:

  1. Add a new page or post, or open a current one.
    You can also add introductory text, if you like.

  2. In the kebab menu (three vertical dots in the top right hand corner), select Editor > Code editor.
    This allows you to access the HTML (source) code of the page or post.

  3. Paste the code you copied in the previous section into the code editor.

  4. In the top bar, select Preview > Preview in new tab to preview the results.

  5. Save.

LawTap booking widget code in WorkPress code editor

Customising your booking widget

This is example code for a widget for a single lawyer's profile.

<!-- LawTap Lawyer Booking Widget start. See the LawTap Help Portal for further information: -->
<div class="lawtap-widget" data-country="UK" data-mode="lawyer" data-key="rachael-smith" data-width="800px" data-height="600px" data-theme="darkblue"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- LawTap Lawyer Widget end -->

The code for the law firm widget is very similar and the same principles and instructions (below) apply.

Here is the default widget in a post in WordPress.

LawTap booking widget in WordPress post

If you are comfortable doing so, you can tweak the code in the code editor to ensure that it renders and displays as you would like it to.

We recommend that you only change the size and theme and leave the rest of the code as is.

To change basic parameters:

  • data-width="800px": Change 800 to a smaller or larger pixel size.

  • data-height="600px": Change 600 to a smaller or larger pixel size.
    This parameter is sometimes disregarded.

  • data-theme="darkblue": You can change darkblue to grey, lightblue, green and black.
    Note! Parameter values cannot contain spaces.

If these options are not sufficient, you can fully customize the colour scheme:

  • Set a custom primary colour using the hex value of the colour.
    For example, data-theme="AA0114" (dark red).

  • You can also set a secondary colour and different font as follow using the data-theme-settings sub-parameters
    For example, data-theme="ff0000" data-theme-settings="secondary_color:#ff00ff | font:open-sans".

Here is the lawyer booking widget in the lightblue data-theme, resized to a width of 400 pixels.

LawTap custom booking widget in WordPress post

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