1. Go to https://lawtap.com
  2. In the top navigation menu, click "Sign In".
  3. Sign in to your LawTap account.
  4. In the top navigation menu, click "Appointment Types".
  5. Click the "Manage Forms" button.
  6. By default, the "Default Form" is a note to the client to "Please provide a short summary of your legal matter". If the default Appointment Form is sufficient for your purposes, then you can select it for all of your activated appointment types (See: How Do I Set Up, Edit and Manage My Appointment Types and Availability?).
  7. Click "Edit".
  8. You can then change the wording to suit your purposes.
  9. You can also "Add New Field" to add additional intake notes or questions to suit your client intake process.
  10. "Field Name": Add the title of your note, question or instruction for the client. For example, "What are the names of the other party/parties to your matter and their relationship to you?" (e.g. spouse name, other company to a contract).
  11. "Field Type": You can select from the drop-down menu "Text (One-Line)", "Text (Multi-Line) or "Note to Client (Multi-Line)".
  12. "Required?": If a response to the question/field is compulsory, then select "Yes". Otherwise, select "No".
  13. "Field Tooltip": You can add a hint or more context to what the field means here.
  14. "Field Placeholder": You can insert placeholder text as placeholder (example) text if you believe it would be useful. For example, for the question "What are the names of the other party/parties to your matter and their relationship to you?", you might add the placeholder text "Joe Bloggs, husband".
  15. Click the "Save Form" button.

Add a New Client Intake Appointment Form for a Specific Appointment Type
You may have an appointment for new clients and another specific to existing clients, meaning that you have different questions or notes for the different category of client.

  1. Click the "Add Appointment Form" button.
  2. Add as many Form Fields as you require for your client intake process.
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