A high-performing profile clearly articulates information about you in an engaging way: 

1. Upload your Headshot or Profile Photo

Lawyers with profile photos receive more potential client bookings and enquiries than those without headshots. A headshot photo taken from a smartphone with good light is all that is needed and you can then upload it to your Profile. (*Keep file size under 1MB.)

  • Sign in to your LawTap.com account.
  • In the top navigation menu, click "Profile".
  • Click the "Upload Profile Photo" button and select your headshot photo from your files. 
  • Click the "Save" button. 

2. Fill out the About section in "Your Practice"

This section sets out information about you, the legal services you offer and the clients you can help in plain English. This section is important for potential clients who are wondering 'what do you do?' and 'what separates you from other lawyers?'. Great content is unique (not just a copy paste of your website or LinkedIn). It has specific examples of types of matters you can assist with helps attract new clients and educate them about what you do and how you can help them.

(Note: The "About" section in "Your Practice" supports up to 1500 characters, or approx 300 words.)

3. Select your Languages Spoken

Clients for whom English is a second language tend to search on languages spoken. You can select multiple languages from the drop-down list.  

4. Add your Year First Admitted, LinkedIn Profile URL, Hourly Rate

Providing this information is helpful so that clients can understand your background, experience and have an idea of potential costs.

5. Select any features you offer

For example: Free First Consultation, Fixed Pricing, No Win No Fee and Accredited Specialist (in your jurisdiction). 

*Remember to click the "Save" button after you make any change.

6. Select your main Areas of Law & percentage practised

Potential clients are searching by area of law. In the "Your Areas of Law" section of your Profile, select your main area(s) of law and the percentage practised so that potential clients know the legal area(s) you can assist them with. You can select multiple areas (but note: selecting more than 5 areas can confuse clients and make it too hard to understand what you primarily do.)

7. Add Fixed Price Legal Services

In the "Your Services" section of your Profile, add any fixed cost legal services you offer. Here's How to Add Fixed Cost Legal Services to Your LawTap Profile.

8. Book in clients and encourage reviews from happy clients

You can book both new and existing clients for an appointment with you on LawTap. See: How Do I Book Clients Using LawTap?

Lawyers with happy client reviews receive more potential client bookings. 

Need Help?

Please email support@lawtap.com or chat with us using the chat button at the bottom right of screen if you need help with or suggestions for your LawTap Profile.

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