Lawyers can add a LawTap booking button on their website. This allows your clients to access appointment booking functionality on LawTap directly from a page of your site. LawTap automatically generates a selection of booking buttons for each lawyer to choose from.

In this article we cover how to add a booking button to your website and use WordPress to demonstrate.

You can adapt these instructions for any website content management system or other website software.

Accessing your booking button on LawTap

LawTap automatically generates the HTML code for a number of variations of your booking button. The code is available in the Integrations area.

To access your booking button as a lawyer:

  1. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  2. In LawTap Booking Button, select Add Booking Button.

  3. Select your preferred button by selecting the circle to the left of it.
    On selection, the HTML code updates in the code box.

  4. Select Copy to Clipboard.

LawTap - Integrations - Add Booking Button

Adding your booking button to your website

You can add your booking button to any post or page, or other area of your site that allows you to add HTML code.

If possible, add your booking button to a sidebar or footer widget area, so that it displays on every post in your site. Whether, and how, you do this depends on your theme and plugins.

To keep things simple, the instructions below demonstrate how to add the button to a post.

To add your booking button to a WordPress post:

  1. Add a new post, or open a current one.
    Add content as well, if you like.

  2. In the kebab menu (three vertical dots in the top right hand corner), select Editor > Code editor.
    This allows you to access the HTML (source) code of the page or post.

  3. Paste the code you copied in the previous section into the code editor.

  4. In the top bar, select Preview > Preview in new tab to preview the results.

  5. Save.

LawTap booking button code in WordPress code editor

Here is the selected booking button on a new post. When the client selects the button, your lawyer profile opens on LawTap

LawTap booking button in WordPress post
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