LawTap enables you to instantly book appointments for new and existing clients. 

The Book Client feature enables you to deliver a better, convenient experience that clients now expect from their lawyer, with automated email and SMS reminders included.

Make sure that you've connected your calendar to LawTap first, so that LawTap syncs with your real-time availability. This help article sets out how to:

  1. Book New Clients.
  2. Book Existing Clients.
  3. Book Clients at a Flexible Date/Time.

1. Book New Clients

  1. "Sign In" to your LawTap account at
  2. You should automatically be in the "Appointments" section. (Alternatively, in the top navigation menu, click "Appointments".)
  3. Click the "Book Appointment" button.
  4. If you haven't yet booked a client using LawTap, then booking a New Client will be the only option.
  5. Select the Appointment Type you want to book (for example, Meeting at Office).
  6. Select the time and date you want to book.
  7. Add the client's first name, last name, mobile phone number (or landline if your client doesn't have a mobile) and email address (if your client has an email address).
  8. If your client is located in a different timezone to you, select their timezone from the timezone drop-down menu so that the appointment appears to them in their timezone.
  9. Click the "Continue" button.
  10. Any appointment/client intake form and notes you have created for the relevant appointment type will be here. See: How to Create a Client Intake (Appointment) Form
  11. Click the "Book Appointment Now" button.
  12. Success! LawTap sends a booking confirmation email and SMS to the client and you, syncs the appointment (with client contact information and appointment notes) in your connected calendar and also sends automated reminders to both you and the client.

2. Book Existing Clients

If a client has previously booked with you or you've previously booked a client on LawTap, or you have integrated LawTap with Clio or LEAP, then you can book in existing clients for repeat or follow-up appointments.

The same booking process applies as for new clients, except that you can select the client from a drop-down list. 

See these articles for how to integrate with your legal practice management system:

3. Book Clients at a Flexible Date/Time

Sometimes, you may have a client wanting an appointment at a specific time that you know you're available, but because of your appointment settings, the exact time isn't available in your LawTap calendar. You can use the "Flexible Date/Time" to customise that specific appointment time, date and length.

  1. In the "Appointment Schedule" section, select "Flexible Date/Time".
  2. Add the date, start time and end time.
  3. Continue booking as per usual.

Rescheduling is Easy
If needed, you can reschedule the appointment directly in LawTap or by clicking the "Reschedule" link in the LawTap confirmation email or SMS and re-book for another suitable time. 

If you have enable "Client Reschedule" for the particular appointment type, the client can also directly and easily reschedule if the time/date is no longer suitable.

Managing Bookings for Multiple Lawyers Using LawTap?

If you're managing bookings for multiple lawyers in the one firm, then see How Do I Manage Appointment Bookings in a Multi-Lawyer Firm?

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