1. Go to LawTap.com.
  2. Click "Sign In" and sign in to your LawTap account.
  3. In the top navigation menu, click "Appointment Types".
  4. Click the "Add Appointment Type" button.
  5. Click the Appointment Type you want to add:
    1. Phone Call
    - You can add another Phone Call for a different duration or create a Facetime Call or Online Meeting appointment type.
    2. Skype Call
    - You can add a Skype Call appointment type.
    3. Meeting at Lawyer's Office
    - You can add another Meeting at your Office for a different duration, add a Meeting at an additional office location, or a meeting at court. The additional location needs to be added first. To add a new location, go to "How Do I Add Multiple Office Locations in LawTap?" to first add the new location.
    4. Meeting at Client's Location
    - You can add another Meeting at Client's Location for a different duration.
    5. Meeting at Court
    - You can add another type of Court appearance, hearing or trial.
  6. Fill out your parameters for your selected appointment type.
  7. Click the "Save" button to save your new appointment type.
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