Your LawTap account is typically created during the booking process when you book your first appointment with a lawyer. However, if you prefer, or if your circumstances require, you can create a LawTap account separately, that is, without booking an appointment.

In this article, we provide instructions on how to create a LawTap following a process that does not include booking an appointment with a lawyer.

You can search for a lawyer and book your first appointment on LawTap WITHOUT separately creating a LawTap account.

How to create a LawTap account

You need access to your mobile and email address to complete this process.

To create your LawTap account:

1. Select Sign Up in the Sign In form.

2. Fill in your details and then select Sign Up.

All fields (except Timezone) are required fields. You will not be able to submit the form unless you provide valid information.

  • First and Last Name: Enter your name.

  • Mobile: Enter your mobile number.

  • Email: Enter your email address.

  • Password: Enter and confirm your password.

  • Timezone: Select a new time zone in the pick list, if necessary.

Join LawTap form

When you select Sign Up, a message advising that you need to verify your email address displays on the page.

3. Open your Welcome email and select Find a Lawyer.

4. Enter the confirmation code sent by SMS to your mobile number and select Confirm.

LawTap SMS Verification form

5. Optionally, enter your address (location) in the fields provided, or select Skip this Step, and then select Save.

LawTap Set Your Location form

When you select Save, you are automatically signed in to your LawTap account.

6. Your My Appointments area displays.

LawTap My Appointments area

Searching LawTap

Booking appointments

Managing appointments

Managing your LawTap account

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