Crazy Domains offers a number of basic POP/IMAP email only services at low-cost. These low-cost services usually exclude a hosted calendar service.

If you want to stay with Crazy Domains, but get the benefits of a hosted calendar service, you can easily upgrade from Crazy Domains Email Hosting to Crazy Domains Email Exchange.

Crazy Domains Email Exchange is a business-grade Microsoft Exchange service, including hosted calendar service, managed by Crazy Domains.

Once you have upgraded to Email Exchange, you can follow the instructions in the How to connect your calendar section of Connecting and managing your calendars on LawTap as a lawyer and select Exchange in step 5.

If you do not want to upgrade, you need to follow the DIY instructions set out in Connecting unsupported calendars for Syncing POP3/IMAP Outlook email between your iPhone or Android mobile and your computer.

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