60,000 legal professionals across the USA and Canada trust Time Matters legal practice management software. LawTap is an Official Time Matters Integration Partner.

Learn more at https://lawtap.com/integrations/time-matters.


  1. LawTap subscription in USA or Canada;

  2. Time Matters access with an active annual maintenance plan (AMP); and

  3. The latest version of the Time Matters Go manager app.

Connecting LawTap to Time Matters

Note! This is a one-time process that needs to be completed for each lawyer in the law firm.

To connect LawTap to Time Matters:

  1. Sign in to LawTap.

  2. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  3. In Time Matters, select Connect to Time Matters.

  4. Enter the email and password associated with your Time Matters account and then select Submit.
    Note! If you use Time Matters Go, these are the same credentials. If you are unsure, please contact Time Matters Support.

  5. You will be returned to LawTap, where the "Successfully connected to Time Matters" notification displays.

Disconnecting LawTap from Time Matters

To disconnect LawTap from Time Matters:

  1. Sign in to LawTap.

  2. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  3. In Time Matters, select Disconnect.

Known limitations and workarounds of the Time Matters integration (Beta)

  1. LawTap cannot synchronize (read or write) contacts between LawTap and Time Matters. Workaround: No workaround is available at this time.

  2. LawTap does not know the timezone for each event made available in the Time Matters API. Workaround: LawTap assumes the timezone used is the same as that set for the lawyer in their LawTap account in Account > Account Settings > Timezone.

  3. LawTap only checks for availability changes in Time Matters every two (2) hours and only for 500 events in advance. This means that double bookings are possible if the APPOINTMENT INFORMATION > No Earlier Than field for the appointment type in LawTap is set to less than 2 hours AND the lawyer updates Time Matters with a conflicting event in the upcoming 2 hours. Workaround: If this scenario is likely, set the No Earlier Than field to 2 hours or more, to mitigate the risk of double booking.

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