As a lawyer, you can manage your clients accounts on LawTap in your My Clients area.

In this article, we take you through the process of managing your client accounts, including how to access, search, edit, delete and download client information, as well as book client appointments in the My Clients area.

Accessing your client accounts

LawTap Manage Clients button

To access your client accounts:

1. Select My Dashboard in the top bar, if necessary.

LawTap My Dashboard link

2. Select Manage Clients (below your appointment table).

Your My Clients area includes:

  • Search and download functions.

  • A table listing all your clients that includes each client's name, date of last appointment, total number of appointments, as well as actions to book appointments, and edit and delete their account.

LawTap lawyer's My Clients area

Searching for client accounts

LawTap Search icon

To search for a client account:

1. Enter the client's name, email address or mobile number (or the first few letters of any) in the search box.

2. Select the search icon.

3. The table reloads to show only clients that match the search term. .

Booking client appointments

LawTap Book button

To book an appointment for a client:

1. Select Book.

2. Select an appoint type, and a date and time, in Calendar Availability or Flexible Date/Time mode.

LawTap book client appointment

Calendar Availability displays your normal availability and Flexible Date/Time allows you to schedule appointments for specific times and durations, which can be outside of your standard office hours. See Booking appointments for your clients on LawTap as a lawyer for more.

Editing client details

LawTap Edit button

To edit a client's details:

1. Select Edit.

2. Update or add any details in the form.

LawTap edit client account

3. Optionally, select Yes in Add Client Address? to add the client's location.

When you select this option, additional fields for the client's address become available.

4. Save.

Deleting client accounts

LawTap Delete button

To delete a client account.

1. Select Delete.

2. Select Delete Client.

Warning! Deleted client accounts cannot be recovered.

Downloading client accounts

LawTap Download button

You can download your client account details in a CSV (comma-separated values) file. This is useful when you want to transfer data to another system or work with it in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel, for example.

To download your appointments:

1. Select Download (below the table).

2. The file downloads to your computer in CSV format.

The file is named <Your Name> - LawTap Contacts.csv

Getting started

Creating your lawyer profile

Managing your clients and their appointments

Managing your LawTap account

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