LawTap provides the functionality for lawyers to book appointments for their clients on LawTap.

You can book appointments for both new and existing clients. The bookings include all the features and notifications set for the appointment type, for example reminder notifications, rescheduling and client reviews.

In this article, we take you through the process of booking appointments for your clients on LawTap as a lawyer.

Client appointments can also be booked directly by clients and by practice managers on behalf of the lawyers in their firm.

How to book appointments for your clients on LawTap

LawTap Book Appointment button in My Dashboard

To book appointments for your clients:

1. In My Dashboard select Book Appointment.

LawTap My Dashboard Book Appointment action

2. Select an appointment type in the Appointment Type pick list.

3. For Meeting at Court appointment types, select the relevant court in the Court pick list.

4. Select an Appointment Schedule option:

  • Flexible Date/Time:
    - Select the Date field and then select a date in the popup calendar.
    - Select a start and end time in the pick lists in Start Time and End Time fields.
    Both fields allow you to select times in 15-minute intervals for a 24-hour period.
    This option allows you to schedule appointments outside of your standard calendar availability (including out-of-office hours), and for durations that are different from the settings for the appointment type..

LawTap book client appointment using Flexible Date/Time option

5. Client details:

  • New clients: Enter your client's first and last name, mobile number, email address and select a time zone, if necessary.
    The Client field defaults to -- New Client -- so you can ignore it for this option.

  • Existing clients: Enter the first few letters of your client's name or surname in the Search box and then select the client in the pick list.
    As you enter content in the box, the pick list updates to offer more accurate matches. When you select the client in the list, their name, phone number and email automatically populate the corresponding fields.

    Note! The list of clients includes clients previously booked on LawTap and those booked through any integrated practice-management software, for example Clio or LEAP.

LawTap booking details for new client
LawTap booking details for existing client

6. Select Continue.

7. Complete any form fields.

This example uses a default appointment type, Meeting as Lawyer's Office, to which the default form is assigned. Custom forms may have additional or different fields.

8. Select Book Appointment Now.

LawTap book client appointment Book Appointment Now button

See Managing your client appointments on LawTap as a lawyer for how to manage client appointments after your have booked them.

Locking your timezone

If you have a virtual receptionist in a different timezone (including who books appointments for you, or you work in more than one timezone, it is useful to know how to lock your timezone to avoid booking conflicts.

You can lock your timezone by adding the timezone parameter to the URL of your lawyer profile.

To find your profile URL:

1. Select My Dashboard in the top bar.

2. Select My Profile and then Preview Profile.

3. Copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.
Your profile URL will be similar to<country code>/lawyer/<your name>.html, for example

To add a timezone parameter:

1. Find the correct parameter in Google's list of Supported Time Zone Values.
Parameters have no spaces and have are typically in the <country name>/<city/region name> format, for example America/New_York, Europe/London, or Australia/Melbourne.

2. Add ?timezone=<your timezone parameter> at the end of your profile URL.

For example,

See Changing your timezone section in Managing your LawTap account as a lawyer for more information about setting your timezone in LawTap.

Getting started

Creating your lawyer profile

Managing your clients and their appointments

Managing your LawTap account

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