Apple requires Apple iCloud user with two-step verification or two-factor authentication enabled to use app-specific passwords.

If you do not have an app-specific password, you may experience difficulty when connecting your Apple iCloud calendar to LawTap.

In this article, we provide instructions on how to create an app-specific password and use it to securely connect your Apple iCloud calendar to LawTap.

Generating an app-specific password

To generate an app-specific password:

  1. Sign in to your Apple ID account page.

  2. In the Security section, select Generate Password below App-Specific Passwords.

  3. Follow the steps on your screen.

See Using app-specific passwords for more.

Connecting to your Apple iCloud calendar in LawTap

To connect to your Apple iCloud calendar to LawTap:

  1. Sign in to LawTap.

  2. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  3. In Calendars, select Manage Calendars.

  4. Select Connect My Calendar.

  5. Select iCloud as your calendar service and then enter your Apple ID login details.
    Use the app-specific password you created in the previous section - not your usual iCloud password.

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