If you use the calendar associated with Microsoft Outlook that is installed on your computer, you can sync it with a free Google Calendar (available with any Gmail account) and connect to LawTap using Google Calendar.

Google Calendar refers to the calendar linked to free Gmail accounts and not those linked to G Suite, previously known as Google Apps for Business account.

Syncing Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar

The free Outlook Google Calendar Sync software synchronises Google Calendar/s with all recent versions of Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

This software also allows you to seamlessly synchronise your Microsoft Outlook calendar with your smartphone.

To sync Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar:

  1. Download Outlook Google Calendar Sync from https://outlookgooglecalendarsync.codeplex.com/.

  2. Install Outlook Google Calendar Sync.

  3. Follow the prompts to sign in to your Google Calendar account and synchronise your calendar with Microsoft Outlook.
    Note! This is a one-time process.

Note! Once installed, it may take up to 24 hours for synchronisation to be fully operational.

Connecting to your Google Calendar in LawTap

To connect to your synchronised Google Calendar to LawTap:

  1. Sign in to LawTap.

  2. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  3. In Calendars, select Manage Calendars.

  4. Select Connect My Calendar.

  5. Select Google as your calendar service and follow the prompts to finalize the connection.

Need help? Please email support@lawtap.com or chat with us using the chat bot at the bottom right of your screen.

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