13,000 law firms across Australia, Ireland, the UK and USA trust LEAP legal practice management software. LawTap is an Official LEAP Integration Partner.

You can integrate LawTap and LEAP using the LawTap connector (instructions below) or the LEAP Add-in. LawTap is also available as part of the LEAP Web Portal.

The main benefits of the integration are:

  • Lawyers can book appointments for clients with a LEAP card, using automated email and SMS/text message reminders available. in the LEAP Add-in or the LawTap Firm Dashboard.

  • LawTap appointments can be linked to existing LEAP Matters in the LEAP Add-in or the LawTap Firm Dashboard..

Learn more at https://lawtap.com/integrations/leap.


  1. LawTap subscription

  2. LEAP Cloud subscription

Connecting LawTap to LEAP

Note! This is a one-time connection that needs to be completed for every lawyer in your firm.

To connect LawTap to LEAP:

  1. Sign in to LawTap.

  2. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  3. In LEAP, select Connect to LEAP.

  4. Enter your LEAP login information and then select SIGN IN.

  5. Follow the LEAP prompts to connect to LawTap.

  6. When the connection is established, LEAP redirects you to LawTap, where the "Successfully connected to LEAP" notification displays.

Syncing contacts in LEAP and LawTap

Contacts are synced automatically in both LawTap and LEAP and there is no need to take any manual action in this regard. Specifically:

  • New LawTap appointment contacts are created as a LEAP Card (if the contact does not already exist in LEAP).
    This process is instantaneous and syncing happens automatically when the booking is finalized.

  • LawTap contacts automatically sync with LEAP every two (2) hours.
    This is a two-way sync that checks that contacts in one system mirror the other.

Booking an appointment on LawTap for a LEAP contact

To book an appointment on LawTap for an existing LEAP contact:

  1. Select My Dashboard in the top bar.

  2. Select Book Appointment.

  3. Select the existing LEAP contact in the Client pick list.
    Select the down arrow on the right to activate the list. You can use the the Search box to find the client. Enter their name or surname in the box (or the first few letters of either). As you type, the pick list updates to offer more accurate matches. When you select the client in the list, their name, phone number and email automatically populate the corresponding fields in the form.

See Booking appointments for your clients on LawTap as a lawyer for more.

Sending LawTap appointments to LEAP

Lawyers can link all LawTap client appointments (past and future) to LEAP Matters from My Dashboard in LawTap.

To link a LawTap appointment to a LEAP Matter:

  1. Select My Dashboard in the top bar on LawTap. if necessary.

  2. Select the Send to LEAP action for an appointment.

  3. In Link to Matter, select an existing LEAP Matter to link to, and then select Send to LEAP.

  4. Repeat this procedure (step 2 and 3) for all relevant appointments.

Known Limitation

Law Firm Manager users cannot use the Send to LEAP at this time. LawTap users must be signed in as a Lawyer user to use this action.

Disconnecting LawTap from LEAP

To disconnect LawTap from Clio:

  1. Sign in to LawTap.

  2. Select Integrations in the top bar.

  3. In LEAP, select Disconnect.

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