How does LawTap Secure Appointment Payments work?
When a client books an appointment where a fee payable via LawTap applies, LawTap sets a time-limited pre-authorisation (also known as a preauth or authorisation hold) for the amount of the appointment fee on the client's credit card or debit card.

The pre-authorisation remains active on the client's card until the appointment end time or until the appointment is cancelled.

At the appointment end time, LawTap automatically authorises the appointment fee (this process is also known as capture or settlement) from the client's card and transfers the appointment fee to the bank account linked with your Stripe account (less any LawTap Appointment Processing Fee and Stripe Credit Card Processing Fee).

If an appointment is cancelled before the appointment start time, the pre-authorisation is automatically cancelled and the appointment fee will be available to the client as soon as it is processed by their bank.

The LawTap Secure Appointments Payments process was designed and developed to be compliant with relevant legal trust accounting laws/regulations because:

  1. a payment card pre-authorisation does not fall within the definition of "trust money" as defined by relevant laws/regulations; and
  2. appointment payment is only processed at the appointment end time (that is, after the lawyer has delivered the legal service).

Integrating LawTap with Stripe

  1. Visit
  2. In the top menu, click "Sign In".
  3. Sign in to LawTap. 
  4. In the top navigation menu, click "Account".
  5. Under Integrations > Stripe Payments, click "Connect to Stripe".
  6. Sign in to your Stripe account and complete information to enable Stripe and LawTap to connect. (If you don't have a Stripe account, you can create an account at this stage.)
  7. You will be returned to LawTap and the message "Successfully connected to Stripe" will display. This will enable Secure Appointment Payments for all lawyers in your firm.

Add Stripe to Your Appointments in LawTap

  1. Go to
  2. In the top navigation menu, click "Sign In".
  3. Sign in to your LawTap account.
  4. In the top navigation menu, click "My Appointments".
  5. Click "Edit" for the relevant appointment type(s).
  6. Add your "Fee" for the appointment.
  7. Click "Save".

Moving forward, when a client books an appointment with you, they are then prompted to pay upon booking the appointment.

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