Each law firm has a single LawTap Lawyer account to manage the firm activity as a whole on LawTap. You can invite as many lawyers and other legal professionals as necessary to sign up for a linked LawTap account. Their LawTap accounts are managed within the main firm account.

In this article, we provide instructions on how to invite individual lawyers and other legal professionals in your firm to LawTap as a practice manager.

Each lawyer has a dedicated area in LawTap—My Dashboard—in which they can manage their lawyer profile and appointments. Each professional signs in to LawTap with their own credentials (email address and password), which they set during their sign-up process.

For an overview of how LawTap Lawyer accounts work and instructions on how to sign up for one, see Signing up for a LawTap Lawyer account as a practice manager.

How to invite lawyers to LawTap

LawTap Invite Members button

To invite lawyers to your firm's LawTap Lawyer account:

1. Select the Account link in the top bar to access your Account area.

In this context, "your account" means the account you created on behalf of your law firm.

LawTap Account link

2. In Pending Members select Invite Members.

LawTap Lawyer account Pending Members area

3. Create invitation emails for all lawyers and legal professionals simultaneously:

  • Enter the first lawyer's email address, name and surname.

  • Select Add Member to display an additional form.

  • Repeat these steps until you have added all the members of your firm.

LawTap Lawyer account Invite to Join form

4. Select Send Invites.

LawTap automatically sends invitation emails to your invitees. The emails are personalized and sent from a LawTap email address (support@lawtap.com) on your behalf with the subject line: <Your Name> invited you to join <Your Law Firm Name> on LawTap.

You can invite new professionals at any time using the above steps.

Managing pending invites

The invited lawyers are listed in the Pending Members area and their status is marked Pending until they activate their accounts.

You can use the actions in the Actions column to:

  • Re-send the invitation email.

  • Cancel the invitation.
    This action does not send another email. When the invitee attempts to accept the invitation, the link results in a 404 (page not found) error.

LawTap Lawyer account Pending Members area

When the lawyers and other professionals accept their invitations and sign up to LawTap, they are moved into the Active Members area and their status changes to Fully Active.

This is a full list of all members of your firm on LawTap. The links in the Name column open each lawyer's profile on LawTap.

LawTap Lawyer account Active Members area

Getting started

Creating your law firm profile

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Managing client appointments and accounts for your law firm

Managing your law firm's LawTap account

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