LawTap accumulates all appointments for each lawyer and displays them in their My Dashboard area. Appointments are updated in real time and you can see a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of your client appointments at any time.

Appointments in My Dashboard can originate from three sources:

In this article, we take you through the process of managing your client appointments on LawTap as a lawyer. The instructions include how to access, filter, search, sort, view, reschedule, cancel, delete, confirm and download appointments, as well as how to reply to client feedback about an appointment.

Practice managers can execute all the actions mentioned in this article on behalf of the lawyers in their firm in the Firm Dashboard area. See Managing client appointments for the lawyers in your firm as a practice manager for more.

Accessing your client appointments

To access your client appointments, select My Dashboard in the top bar.

LawTap My Dashboard link

My Dashboard displays by default when you sign in to LawTap.

A summary of your appointments for the last 30 days displays above the filtering and search options, and the table below lists all your appointments. For each appointment, you can view:

  • ID: The LawTap appointment ID number.

  • Status: The appointment status.
    Appointments are marked Past, Future, Now or Cancelled, and can additionally be marked as Pending and No Show, depending on the circumstances.

  • Date: The date and time of the appointment.

  • Appointment: The appointment type.

  • Client: The name of the client.

  • Actions: Actions that can be executed for the appointment.

LawTap appointments in My Dashboard

The actions available for each appointment depend on a number of factors, including when the table is viewed (past or future), the settings for the appointment type (for example, If rescheduling or reviews are enabled), and whether and when the appointment took place. Each action is covered separately in the sections that follow.

Filtering, sorting and searching appointments

The filtering, searching and sorting functions in My Dashboard make it easier to manage your appointments:

  • Filtering: Allows you to filter client appointments by appointment type.

  • Searching: Allows you to search for appointments by client name.

  • Sorting: Allows you to sort client appointments by date.

To filter your appointments:

1. Select an appointment type in the pick list.

2. The table reloads automatically to display only the selected appointment type.

LawTap filter appointments in My Dashboard

To search for appointments:

1. Enter a client's name or surname (or the first few letters of either) in the search box.

2. Select the search icon.

3. The table reloads to show only results that match the search term.

LawTap search appointments in My Dashboard

To sort appointments by date:

1. Select the up or down arrow is the Date column.

2. The table reloads to display appointments in date order (latest first) or reverse date (latest last) order.
After the reload the arrow switches to the opposite of what is was previously.

LawTap sort appointments in My Dashboard

Viewing appointments

LawTap View button

The View action allows you to view the full appointment details.

If applicable, additional actions, for example Confirm, may be available when you view the details.

To view an appointment:

1. Select View in the Actions column.

LawTap View action in My Dashboard

2. Full details of the appointment display:

  • Summary: A summary that includes the status, type, and date and time of the appointment, as well as links to view the location (if applicable) on Google Maps, and to email and call the client directly.
    Exactly how emailing and calling works depends on the setup on your device. For example, the client name link typically automatically opens the dial pad (with the client's number) on your mobile device, and the email link opens your default email application. Note on a PC, direct emailing only works with applications like Outlook, and not web-based email accounts like Gmail.

  • Appointment Form: The information entered on the appointment form when the appointment was booked.
    For the default appointment types, like phone calls and meetings at your offices, this is a summary of the legal issue, but appointment types that use custom forms may have additional information.

  • Client review: A review left by the client.
    Only applies to past appointments for which your client has left a review. See Managing lawyer appointments on LawTap as a client for more.

  • Actions: Actions available for the appointment.

LawTap view appointment details

Confirming pending appointments

LawTap Confirm button

If an appointment type requires a prior conflict check, you need to confirm appointments booked directly by clients, before the appointment is finalized. The unconfirmed appointment is marked Pending until you do so.

The conflict check requirement is set in the appointment type configuration. See Adding and managing appointment types for your law firm as a practice manager for more.

To confirm a pending appointment:

1. Select View in the Actions column.

LawTap View action on Pending appointment

2. Select Confirm in the appointment detail page.

LawTap Confirm action

3. Select Confirm Appointment

4. A notification displays advising that the appointment is confirmed.

Your client will receive a notification of the appointment confirmation by email and SMS.

Rescheduling appointments

LawTap Reschedule button

You can reschedule any appointment before the scheduled time.

Clients can also reschedule appointments, if this option is enabled in the appointment type configuration. See Adding and managing appointment types for your law firm as a practice manager and Managing your lawyer appointments on LawTap as a client for more.

To reschedule an appointment:

1. Select Reschedule in the Actions column.

LawTap Reschedule action

2. Select a new appointment date and time in your calendar in Calendar Availability or Flexible Date/Time mode.

LawTap Appointment Schedule field

Calendar Availability displays your normal availability and Flexible Date/Time allows you to schedule appointments for specific times and durations, which can be outside of your standard office hours. See Booking appointments for your clients on LawTap as a lawyer for more.

Your client will receive an email and SMS notifying them of the rescheduled appointment. Any reminder notifications (email and SMS) set for the appointment type will also be sent automatically for the new date and time.

Cancelling appointments

LawTap Cancel button

You can cancel any scheduled appointment.

To cancel an appointment:

1. Select Cancel in the Actions column.

LawTap Cancel action

2. Select a reason and then select Cancel Appointment.

Selecting Other activates a text box that allows you to enter a more specific reason.

LawTap Cancel Appointment form

3. The appointment is marked Cancelled.

LawTap cancelled appointment in Summary section

Your client is automatically advised of the cancellation by email and SMS.

Labelling appointments as No Show

LawTap No Show? button

If a client fails to attend an appointment, you can record this by marking the appointment No Show.

To record a client's failure to show up for an appointment:

1. Select No Show in the Actions column.

LawTap No Show? action

2. Select Yes in the Are you sure? dialog.

3. The appointment is marked No Show.

LawTap No Show appointment in Summary section

If you fail to attend a scheduled appointment, the client can mark the appointment No Contact. See Managing your lawyer appointments on LawTap as a client for more.

LawTap monitors No Show and No Contact appointments and takes appropriate action where necessary.

Replying to client feedback

You can reply to a client's review about a past appointment.

To reply to client feedback:

1. Select View in the Actions column.

2. In the Review section, select Reply.

3. Enter your reply and select Continue.

LawTap Reply to Appointment Review form

4. You will receive confirmation that the reply has been added successfully.

Your reply is not subject to review by LawTap and displays immediately in the Verified Client Reviews section of your profile.

LawTap review reply in Verified Client Reviews section of lawyer profile

Client reviews are subject to prior review by LawTap and only display on your profile after approval. See Managing lawyer appointments on LawTap as a client for more.

Downloading appointments

LawTap Download button

You can download all your appointments in a CSV (comma-separated values) file.

This is useful when you want to transfer data to another system or work with it in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel, for example.

To download your appointments:

1. Select Download (below the table).

2. The file downloads to your computer in CSV format.

The file is named <Your Name> - LawTap Appointments.csv

Getting started

Creating your lawyer profile

Managing your clients and their appointments

Managing your LawTap account

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