Each lawyer or other legal professional in a law firm has their own LawTap account. These individual accounts are managed within a single LawTap Lawyer account registered to the law firm. Typically, the practice manager creates the main account and then invites each lawyer to sign up for LawTap.

In this article, we provide instructions on how to accept a LawTap invitation and sign up for a LawTap account as a lawyer.

All individual legal professionals have a dedicated area in LawTap—My Dashboard—in which they can manage their lawyer profile and appointments. Each professional signs in to LawTap with their own credentials (email address and password), which they set during the sign-up process (instructions below).

For an overview of LawTap Lawyer accounts and instructions on how to create one on behalf of your law firm see Signing up for a LawTap Lawyer account as a practice manager and Inviting lawyers to LawTap on behalf of your law firm as a practice manager.

How to sign up for LawTap as a lawyer

You will need access to your email and mobile during this process.

To sign up for LawTap as a lawyer:

1. Select Accept Invitation in your invitation email.

The subject line of this email is <Practice Manager Name> invited you to <Law Firm Name> on LawTap.

2. Enter your personal LawTap account details and select Sign Up:

  • Name: Enter your first and last name.

  • Legal Professional Status: Select an option in the pick list.

  • Mobile: Enter your mobile number.

  • Email: Enter your email address.

  • Password: Enter and repeat your password.

  • Timezone: Select another option in the pick list, if necessary.

LawTap individual lawyer sign-up form

3. Select Complete Sign Up In your Welcome email to confirm you email address.

4. Enter the SMS verification code sent by SMS to your mobile number and select Confirm.

LawTap SMS Verification form

5. Enter your work address.
This is typically the address of your law firm.

LawTap Set Your Location form

6. Select Connect My Calendar.

Connect My Calendar to LawTap form

7. Select your calendar application and then follow the automated prompts to authorize and securely connect your calendar application.

This allows LawTap to create and delete calendar events, and read your availability in your calendar app.

LawTap select calendar application

8. My Dashboard opens.

This is your lawyer dashboard in which you can manage your lawyer profile and appointments.

LawTap My Dashboard

Creating your lawyer profile

Managing your clients and their appointments

Managing your LawTap account

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