Your LawTap Lawyer account was created during the sign-up process. This account is the main law firm account and the personal account details are typically those of a practice manager. After signup, all lawyers in the firm are invited to LawTap by this account holder and their LawTap accounts are sub-accounts of, and linked to, the main LawTap Lawyer account.

See the following articles for more details about these procedures:

In this article, we take you through the process of managing your LawTap subscription, accessing your LawTap invoices, and changing your LawTap payment details.

Managing your personal details

You can access and manage the LawTap Lawyer account, and the personal details associated with it, in the same way as any LawTap account held by a lawyer in your firm.

LawTap Account Settings

For instructions on how to sign in and out of LawTap, access your LawTap Lawyer Account area, change your email address, mobile number, timezone and password in LawTap, and reset your password when signed out, see Managing your LawTap account as a lawyer.

Managing your LawTap subscription

The Subscription Plan section of the Account area includes details of your LawTap subscription, including your law firm name, price plan, promo code (if any), renewal date, status and the number of lawyers linked to your firm.

LawTap Subscription Plan settings

Accessing your LawTap invoices

To access your LawTap invoices:

1. Select View Invoices in the Subscription Plan area.

2. In the Invoices area, select a link in the Invoice ID column to view any individual tax invoice.

The Invoices area contains a table that lists all LawTap invoices and includes the ID, plan, amount, invoice and payment date, payment attempts, number of lawyers and status of each invoice.

LawTap Invoices area

3. Each tax invoice contains all the details that are typically necessary for official purposes..

LawTap tax invoice example

Managing your LawTap payment settings

The Payment Settings section of the Account area includes the credit card details used to sign up for your firm's LawTap Lawyer account.

You can add and remove credit cards in this area.

LawTap Payment Settings

Managing LawTap firm members

The Firm Members area of the Account area includes:

LawTap Firm Members section

See Inviting lawyers to LawTap on behalf of your law firm as a practice manager for

instructions on inviting lawyers to LawTap and managing pending members.

Getting started

Creating your law firm profile

Managing appointment types for your law firm

Managing client appointments and accounts for your law firm

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