Signing up for an LawTap Lawyer account is the first step to listing your law firm on LawTap.

Each law firm has a single LawTap lawyer account to which it can invite as many lawyers and legal professionals as are necessary.

In this article, we explain the nature of LawTap Lawyer accounts and provide instructions on how to sign up for LawTap on behalf of your firm.

How LawTap Lawyer accounts work

LawTap Lawyer accounts are designed to accommodate law firms of all sizes—from sole practitioners to huge firms with 100s of lawyers.

On LawTap, each law firm has a single account and the sign-up process typically includes the following flows:

1. The practice manager signs up for a LawTap Lawyer account (instructions below).

2. The practice manager invites the lawyers and other members of the firm to join the LawTap Lawyer account.

3. Individual lawyers accept their invitation and sign up for their own account, which is linked to, and managed through, the main LawTap Lawyer account.

All individual legal professionals have a dedicated area in LawTap—My Dashboard—in which they can manage their lawyer profile and appointments. Each professional signs in to LawTap with their own credentials (email address and password), which they set during their sign-up process.

Lawyers who are NOT also practice managers, only need to follow the instructions for step 3 in Accepting an invitation to sign up for LawTap as a lawyer. Sole practitioners, who are typically both managers and lawyers, will usually need to only follow the instructions below in this article, and can ignore steps 2 and 3 above.

How to sign up for a LawTap Lawyer account

Note! You need access to your email and mobile phone during this process.

To sign up for a Lawtap Lawyer account:

1. Select Grow Your Law Firm in the top bar on any LawTap page.

LawTap Grow Your Law Firm link

2. Select Join LawTap Now.

Join LawTap Now button

3. Select a pricing plan and then select Join Now.
You will be able to change this selection later (step 9), if necessary.

4. Enter your personal details and then select Sign Up:

  • Name: Enter your first and last name.

  • Legal Professional Status: Select an option in the pick list.

  • Mobile: Enter your mobile phone number.

  • Email: Enter your email address.

  • Password: Enter and repeat your password.

  • Timezone: Select another option in the pick list, if necessary.

LawTap Step 1 of 7 - Create Your Account form

5. Select Complete Sign Up In your Welcome email to confirm you email address.

6. Enter the SMS verification code that is sent to your mobile number and then select Confirm.

LawTap Step 3 of 7 - SMS Verification form

7. Enter the address of your law firm.

If you have multiple locations, enter the address of your main office. You can add additional locations later when you create your firm profile.

LawTap Step 4 of 7 - Set Your Location form

8. Enter your law firm details and then select Save.
These details display in your law firm profile. You can update the description later, if you do not have one prepared. See Creating your law firm profile as a practice manager for more.

  • Name: Enter the name of your law firm.

  • Description: Enter a description of your law firm.

  • Office phone: Enter your office phone number.

LawTap Step 5 of 7 - Create New Law Firm form

9. Select Select to confirm the subscription type you selected in step 3 above and move to the payment stage. If you have a promo code, enter it and select Apply (to deduct any discount from the price) before you select Select.

LawTap Step 6 of 7 - Select Subscription form

10. Enter your card details and select Pay Now.

LawTap Step 7 of 7 - Secure Payment form

11. Select Connect My Calendar.

Connect My Calendar to LawTap form

12. Select your calendar application and then follow the automated prompts to authorize and securely connect your calendar application.

This allows LawTap to create and delete calendar events, and read your availability in your calendar app.

LawTap select calendar application

13. My Dashboard opens.

This is your lawyer dashboard. You can access the firm dashboard by selecting Firm Dashboard in the top bar.

LawTap My Dashboard

Getting started

Creating your law firm profile

Managing appointment types for your law firm

Managing client appointments and accounts for your law firm

Managing your law firm's LawTap account

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