Accessing your LawTap account allows you to enjoy the many features available to registered clients on LawTap, for example managing your appointments.

In this article, we provide instructions on how to sign in to your LawTap account, and how to reset your password, if necessary.

Signing in to LawTap

To sign in to your LawTap account:

1. Select Sign In in the top bar.

LawTap Sign In link

2. Enter your email address and password and then select Sign In.

Select Remember me to autofill these fields in the future.

LawTap Sign In form

Resetting your password

The instructions in this section are helpful when you forget your password and cannot access LawTap.

You can also reset your password when you are signed in to LawTap. See Changing your LawTap account details as a client for more.

To reset your password when signed out of LawTap:

1. Select Reset Password in the Sign In form.

2. Enter your email address and select Reset Password.

LawTap Reset Password form

3. A message advising you that a reset link will be sent to the email address you provided, if it is found in the system, displays.

4. Select Reset Password in the email.

5. Enter and repeat your new password, and then select Save.

LawTap enter and confirm new password

See Resolving email issues on LawTap as a client for more on how to use this procedure if you encounter email-related issues while booking second and subsequent appointments on LawTap.

Searching LawTap

Booking appointments

Managing appointments

Managing your LawTap account

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