When you book a second or subsequent appointment on LawTap, the booking process is streamlined. This is because your LawTap account was created when booking your first appointment. You use this account (and login credentials) for all appointments, regardless of whether they are with your original lawyer or another lawyer.

In this article, we take you through the process of booking second and subsequent appointments on LawTap.

Like first appointments, the exact booking process depends on the requirements set by each lawyer. The instructions in the following section cover the most likely scenario, but you may encounter variations.

How to book a second or subsequent appointment on LawTap

To book a second (or subsequent) appointment:

1. Sign in to your LawTap account.

2. In My Appointments, open the lawyer's profile:

  • For a previous lawyer, select their name in the Professional column.

  • For a new lawyer, select Find a Lawyer (in the top bar), search for a lawyer, and then select the lawyer's name in the white teaser box in the search results.

LawTap My Appointments area

3. Select the appointment type in the pick list and then select a suitable date and time in their calendar.

LawTap booking widget

4. Enter a brief summary of your reasons for booking the appointment, select the checkbox to confirm you are an existing client (if necessary), and then select Continue.

LawTap booking form for second and subsequent appointments

You may also need to confirm that you are aware that the appointment is subject to confirmation by the lawyer before selecting Continue.

LawTap conflict check confirmation

Note! The name, mobile number and email address fields do not display in the booking form, because you are signed in to LawTap. If you are not, select Sign In (at the top of the form) to do this first. If you enter an email address that is already registered in LawTap in the booking form, the system will not allow you to proceed. See Resolving email issues on LawTap as a client for more.

5. An notification confirming your appointment displays (unless the appointment is subject to confirmation).

LawTap appointment confirmation notification

If your appointment requires confirmation, a notification advising that your request is pending review displays.

LawTap notification advising appointment is pending review

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