One of the most common issues clients encounter during the booking process relates to their email address.

In this article, we explain the cause of the issue and provide instructions on how to resolve email-related issues on LawTap.

About the existing-email error

If you attempt to book an appointment or create an account using an email address that is already registered in LawTap, the system prevents you from proceeding. You receive an "Email is linked to an existing LawTap account" error and cannot submit your information to complete your booking.

Email is linked to an existing LawTap account error

The existing account may have been created by you (perhaps during a previous booking that you cannot recall) or by a lawyer on your behalf.

How to resolve email errors

To resolve an email error during the booking process:

1. Select Sign In in the booking form or in the top bar.

2. Either:

LawTap booking form Sign In button

3. Continue with your booking following the steps in Booking a second or subsequent appointment on LawTap as a client.

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